Germaction collaborates with several experienced trainers for its numerous trainings!


2 passions: 1. hygiene, sanitation, infection prevention and disinfection, brief, the world of microbes 2. Personalities, relationships between people and impact techniques to make people progress, brief, personal development.


Nathalie Thibault, M.Sc. Mcb.A    

Germaction group founder

She is a specialist in microbes and the immune system. Since the birth of her two children, she has been particularly interested in infections in child care. She is a certified trainer, speaker and author. Since 2015, she has been a trainer in hygiene and sanitation and infection prevention for hospitals and various health care clients. She has been running Groupe Germaction, a training, prevention and education center, since 2005. She knows how to popularize her subject matter and takes on the challenge of making the invisible visible...





Our Germaction Group training department manager is the one who solves all your little billing and connection problems! 

Nathalie RousselIMG_0079.JPG

She has been a family child care provider for over 20 years and an assistant director in Germaction's distance learning department since 2014. She has cared for over 60 children in her career and by the same token as many parents. She also ran a business for 18 years! She understands the importance of a healthy relationship between the *client* and the educator. Proud mother of 2 responsible adults, she puts all her experience to good use in her training.





Passion: behavioral disorders

Isabelle Fréchette B. Éd.


She has a Bachelor of Education degree in Special Education and a certificate in Human Resources. She has worked as a teacher, a remedial teacher and for over 20 years in child care. She has worked in almost every position available in child care (educator, compliance officer, director). For the past few years, she has been a lecturer at the CEGEP for the training of future childcare workers. Mother of three children, she shares her knowledge of special needs children through her many professional and personal experiences.







Passion: innovative approaches

Manon Dionne  

Manon Dionne, assistant director of an early childhood centre, provides pedagogical advice to a team of educators and special educators. For nearly 20 years, she was an early childhood educator. Passionate about her profession, she continues to research and train. She has been providing training in the field of early childhood education for several years. Her love for children and her desire to share her knowledge have led her to write training courses for you.




Passion: language 

Amélie Diamond. Int. Stimulation du langage

She has been an educator for over 12 years, then an educational support and compliance officer and now the assistant director of a coordinating office, where she works to provide support to educators. She is passionate about everything related to early childhood and has a diploma in language intervention and a certificate in educational support. She is pursuing her studies in the field of human resources in order to broaden her horizons. For her, the child is the adult of tomorrow and the importance of accompanying him in all areas of his development is a priority! Dynamic and passionate, she puts all her heart into her work. A great observer who is constantly questioning, she is like a child who loves to discover and help others discover the why and the how! 



Passion: educational intervention

Maryse Thibault T.E.S. et équithérapeute


Maryse Thibault graduated from Laval University in early childhood intervention and preschool education. In 2016, wishing to perfect her interventions with children, she completed her training as a special educator. She has 20 years of experience in preschool and elementary school intervention. A trainer for Germaction for the past 11 years, she designs training programs for early childhood care settings. Her career has been marked by many challenges with children, parents and educators, making her an outstanding practitioner, special educator and trainer! She is now an instructor in therapeutic horseback riding, director of the Centre d'équithérapie Québec, and founder of Équitherapia, which welcomes children with special needs.



Passion: children in all their facets!

Marie-Claude Cossette T.E.S.

Site internet: Vie de Famille

Marie-Claude has been a specialized educator working with different clienteles for nearly 26 years. She has developed her expertise with young people and their families through her professional career in the school environment. Recognized in the field and driven by the desire to make a difference in the daily lives of families, Marie-Claude created Vie de famille in 2016, a 0-12 year old resource. Passionate about education, caring parenting and being human, she has taken numerous trainings in order to be able to meet the needs of young and old alike in a more specific way. Her mission is to make a difference with the people she meets, whether it be with the pedagogical or parental aspect or by offering concrete tools to parents and early childhood specialists. She uses all her expertise and knowledge to contribute to the development and well-being of children and their families.

Passion: The science of happiness and humour 

Caroline Aubert  Rigologue

  Web site: evolurire

With a degree in science, she is also passionate about everything that contributes to the positive evolution of human beings, their health, their relationships, their environment, as well as the arts and laughter in all its facets. Her various trainings in global health and her great creativity inspired her to create her company ÉvoluRire in 2005. Rigologist, facilitator, artist, trainer, speaker and clown-therapist, she shares her knowledge, writes humorous texts, and facilitates workshops and events. She writes her own courses, which she offers in the form of conferences and training sessions on happiness and rigology, vitality, fears, dance and everything that promotes well-being and better stress management in the workplace.



Passion: arts

Marilyne Bombardier, artist



Marilyne Bombardier worked for 13 years in the field of early childhood education. Mother of four children, she still finds some time for her passion: Art! She has experimented with many forms of art and has particularly developed naive art. Through her drawings, Marilyne knows how to arouse the interest of children and give them a taste for creation. Through the eyes of art becomes an adventure, a world where they experiment and discover their their creativity.








Josée Masson, T.S. , Founder and manager of Deuil-Jeunesse


Ms. Josée Masson, a social worker by profession, graduated from the School of Social Work in 1996. She began working with youth and families in the health network for 13 years, where she noticed a deplorable lack of services for bereaved youth. Thus, Ms. Masson began to develop an expertise in accompanying and intervening with young people who are experiencing the death of a loved one. In 2008, she decided to found Deuil-Jeunesse. She has written three books for family and friends on how to accompany a young person in mourning. Her most recent book, Accompagner un jeune en deuil, was published last January. With hundreds of media appearances, conferences and training sessions on the subject of youth bereavement to her credit, Ms. Masson's reputation and recognition extend far beyond Quebec. Her greatest achievement to date is the thousands of families who have received specialized services from Youth Bereavement workers to support them in their difficult ordeal. Deuil-Jeunesse  Web site


 Passion: special needs

Sophie Cardinal

She has an Attestation of College Studies in Childhood Education.  She worked in a daycare center for a few years and then operated a home daycare for over 15 years. She now holds a management position in a private facility. Since the beginning of her career in 1999, she has had the opportunity to work with many children with special needs, which has greatly enriched her experience. She now wishes to share her experience through her trainings.




Knowledge is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
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