Knowledge is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

Chinese proverb


1. Training: 100% online trainning!

2. Prevention: Counseling, coaching, support, prevention tools

3. Education: Chronicles, publications, blog, useful links

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What is Germaction Group?

It's a meeting place for trainers who are passionate about their specialty and who can help you increase your knowledge and know-how through customized, high value-added training.
Our clientele is very diverse and includes daycare services (daycare centers, private daycare centers, CSRs), schools, retirement homes (RPAs, RIs), CIUSSS, CHSLDs, hospitals and various private companies, etc.

Two specialties:
1. Early childhood: Everything that concerns children under 12 years of age is a passion for us and for our trainers!

2. Hygiene and sanitation: When cleaning meets microbiology, you get an improved vision of sanitation!

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Knowledge is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
Chinese proverb